Migration Services for Microsoft Exchange Online

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Migration Services for Microsoft Exchange Online

The migration of businesses from on-premise Microsoft workloads to specialized hybrid solutions on Microsoft 365 environments and the onboarding of clients to its Cloud Control management application are successful business strategies established by Smart Technologies(BD) Ltd. Cloud Control has self-service automation for level-1 and level-2 service requests built in, and it is intended to hide the complexity of managing Microsoft 365, especially in hybrid mail settings. Large companies frequently experience difficulties switching from on-premise to hybrid systems, which increases demand for the kinds of tools and expert services Smart Technologies(BD) Ltd. provides.

For many firms, the initial move to the cloud is frequently an email transfer.

If your mail systems go out, disturbing productivity and affecting performance, migrating your email systems could put your company at risk. Any mail client can be switched over to Microsoft 365 with the assistance of STBL. Our Mail Migration Service helps you with best practices and knowledge to achieve a smooth Microsoft 365 Migration. An administrator can move every email, calendar, and contact from user mailboxes to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 for migrations from an existing on-premises Exchange Server system.

If there are fewer than 2000 mailboxes and you are using Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, or Exchange 2013, use this form of migration. A cutover migration can be carried out by beginning in the Exchange admin center (EAC); see Make a cutover migration to Office 365 or Microsoft 365. See To use the Express migration, Exchange mailboxes must be moved to Office 365 or Microsoft 365.

You can transfer user email from Gmail, Exchange, Outlook.com, and other email systems that allow IMAP conversion using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). Only the things in the user’s inbox or other mail folders are migrated when you migrate the user’s email using IMAP migration. IMAP cannot move contacts, calendar entries, or tasks, but users can do so. Additionally, IMAP conversion doesn’t create mailboxes in Office 365 or Microsoft 365. Before you transfer each user’s email, you must first construct a mailbox for them.