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Modern work and security solutions like Microsoft 365 and Viva, which enable secure communication and collaboration, have been fast developing to address the shifting needs of enterprises. But choosing and implementing the appropriate technology is only one of the process of modernizing the workplace.

Beyond configuring and deploying solutions, the strategy must also incorporate operational governance, a continuous adoption and change management approach, and a focus on the organization’s security and compliance requirements.

Smart Technologies(BD) Ltd. is a Cloud Silver Partner company of Microsoft, which bases the implementation of its solution on the Microsoft 365 platform, to provide its clients with a sustainable, integrated and secure solution, which gives your organization a competitive advantage in volatile times. With Smart Technologies(BD) Ltd. services you can be sure that you have the right strategy, technology, capabilities and governance to drive and sustain your company’s future of work.

Smart Technologies(BD) Ltd. will closely accompany you along the path of moving your organization’s resources from on-premises facilities to the Microsoft Cloud.

Solution Benefits:

Intelligent employee experiences: The platform facilitates the design and delivery of employee-centric intranets, the implementation of web and mobile applications created through it, the creation of automated procedures. All this backed by the use of artificial intelligence systems that increase the general productivity of the organization. Information Governance: The platform makes it easy to establish the structuring and governance policy to protect the security, privacy and efficiency of information throughout the data life cycle. Collaboration Models: Platform adoption facilitates and drives employee behavior change and supports it with relevant features such as co-authoring and project management within the platform. Collaborative innovation: The Microsoft Teams platform provides the exchange of ideas, models and disciplines and encourages interaction between members of the work team to generate innovative ways of working. Knowledge sharing in the future of work: The Microsoft 365 platform enables and incentivizes the design of knowledge sharing and search capability to improve employee productivity and cohesion.