Our most recent style of consumer engagement facility is called a “experience center.” For greater connection with our partners and clients across industries, these centers host a portfolio of programs and a rich selection of offerings. You’ll leave with knowledge of the products and solutions provided by Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd. as well as an awareness of the real return on investment.

Datacenters: The datacenters of Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd. are distinctive physical structures that house CPU, vast amounts of data storage, and high-performance networking capabilities. With the use of these capabilities, cloud services can provide best-in-class performance to all our clients.

Obtain insightful perspective: Each briefing contains a customized agenda based on your unique business concerns and objectives. Your visit will normally start once you get there with an opportunity to communicate your goals with the team. This could involve discussing executive- or technical-level strategy, solutions, or demonstrations.

More done in less time: Instead of a series of calls or meetings over the course of weeks or months, you can get answers with an executive briefing in only one or two days. Everyone’s attention will be on identifying the best options for your company.

Contact with professionals: You have access to the greatest concentration of ServiceNow knowledge thanks to the EBC’s location inside Smart Technologies’ (BD) corporate offices. You’ll get the chance to conduct one-on-one, in-depth interactions with individuals who can help you clarify your goals and match solutions to your business needs, from data center security.


STBL professionals will provide engaging technical demonstrations to help you learn and build expertise to hasten your digital transformation. Experience interactive presentations and demonstrations of products and solutions from STBL executives, important technical figures, and product architects. Gather customized content digitally, such as product details, solution summaries, and whitepapers on best practices and architecture.


Consult with STBL leaders to find solutions that are specific to your company ambitions through cooperative, strategic talks. Your experience will be based on a schedule made for your unique interests and professional requirements. As an early adopter of open source, we think that cooperation is essential, and we invite you to share your thoughts on our solutions and product groups.


Develop enduring connections with the STBL teams that can help you realize your vision, exchange best practices with them, and interact with them. Talk strategically with our product owners and technical executives. As your business demands change in the future, keep having these dialogues. Join a group of peers that share your interests and are deploying cutting-edge open-source solutions.



Financial Sector

STBL provides the safe, dependable global cloud infrastructure and services that financial services organizations in the banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance sectors require to stand out in the market today and meet changing customer demands. STBL offers the widest range of services, the deepest level of expertise in the business, and a vast partner network while meeting the strictest security standards in the world. Building on STBL enables businesses to upgrade their infrastructure, keep up with quickly evolving consumer expectations and behaviors, and promote corporate expansion. Read more about the STBL Cloud Adoption Framework to hasten your company’s transition to the cloud.


Health Sector

STBL is the world’s most trusted technology partner for healthcare providers and protected health information because it is the most secure, dependable, and widely used cloud platform. Providers may operate securely in a highly regulated sector while accelerating innovation, unlocking siloed data, and developing individualized treatment strategies.

STBL for Healthcare offers tried-and-true, easily accessible capabilities and solutions that assist providers in speeding up innovation, releasing the full potential of health data, creating more individualized care delivery models, increasing cost and operational efficiency, and improving patient and clinician satisfaction.

Patient-centric care is built on a solid, efficient infrastructure. Clinicians are distracted from their goal of improving patient outcomes by administrative burdens caused by ineffective or antiquated systems.


Retail Sector

Greater insight STBL gives you the ability to create a cutting-edge intelligence and insight engine that aids in differentiating your brand, influencing customer behavior, and boosting revenue. STBL has more than 20 years of experience creating retail-specific data solutions for Amazon.com.

Improve operations with the aid of robotics and ML-powered technologies, STBL can help you increase IT productivity, increase store productivity, automate supply chains, and promote ongoing innovation.

Transform participation STBL allows retailers to create consistent brand experiences across a variety of consumer touchpoints, including payment, shipping, and search, thanks to its unrivaled heritage of customer devotion.


Government Sector

Many government organizations who use STBL are aware of the need for U.S. government organizations to strike a balance between affordability and adaptability and security, compliance, and dependability. We have regularly assisted our customers in navigating procurement and policy concerns linked to the use of cloud computing, and we have always been among the first to overcome government compliance challenges facing cloud computing. It is feasible to complete missions with a consistent set of tools, a continuous supply of the newest technology, and the flexibility to quickly grow with the mission thanks to STBL’s commercial cloud capability across all classification levels: Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret.