ZKTeco TS2011 Pro Tripod Turnstile

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  • • ZKTeco
  • • Single-lane tripod turnstile
  • • Rotating movement of the barrier
  • • Access width 520 mm
  • • Led indicator
  • • Emergency mode
  • • Main turnstile configuration plate (Times, Alarms, Openings)
  • • Anti tailgating
  • • Made of stainless steel SUS304 with double anchorage
  • • Controller and RFID reader included
  • • Compatible with ZK Access software 3.5 for access control and reporting management



Brand ZKTeco
Model TS2011-PRO
Controller Controller C3 included with EM RFID card reader with TCP/IP connection to software
Led indicator LED status indicator
Barrier movement Rotating
Emergency mode Tripod-arms unlock & drop during emergencies/power loss
Security 3 Arms / Anti-tailgating
Power AC 110/220 V / 73W (Starting) 20W(En Standby) 63W (Unblock)
Temp. operation -28º C ~ +60º C
Lane Width 520 mm
Dimensions of pass 780 (w) x 1100 (d) mm
Dimensions 985 (H) x 380 (W) x 1100 (D) mm
Weight 46 Kg

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