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Product Description

Country of Origin JAPAN
Country of Manufacture JAPAN
Model Name SR-11000
Read Sensor Read Head 1 (Single side) or 2 (Dual Side)
Mark Discrimination 16 Steps (256 Degrees)
Light Source Infra Red Ray (940nm) or Visible Red Ray (660nm)
Mark Implements Infra Red Ray: Pencil only or Visible Red Ray: Pencil + Pen (Bule or Black)
Read Head Channels 1/6″ (48 Channels), 0.2″ (40 Channels), 0.25″ (33 Channels), or 0.3″ (27 Channels)
Mark Sharpes Rectangle Oval and Circles
Read Technique Reading reflective sensor
Scanning Error Detection Automatic Peper Discharge, Sheet Empty, Double feeding, Timing mark, Left and skew lest sheet on the (eject) tray
Interface USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Operation LCD Display 40 Charactors (20 charactors x 2 lines)
Operation button 5 buttons
Hopper Hopper Capacity (*1) 500 Sheets <Option> A4 sheet loading assist
Mark Sheet Marksheet Size Card (IBMcard) B5 A4 8.5″ 9″
Marksheet width 82.55 to 228.6mm (3.25″ to 9″)
Marksheet length 187 to 304.8mm (7.36″ to 12.0″)
Rows 80 rows
Columns 48 columns (1/6″) 40 columns (1/6″) 33 columns (1/4″) 27 columns (1/3″)
Form Quality High Quality paper or OCR paper
Thikness 72-135kg (0.11-0.19mm / 83.8g / m2 to 157g/m2)
Feed Speed Up to 11,000/hour
Suction system In the device
Printer Printing method Ink Jet
Print contents (*2) Fixed characters (Max 20 bytes) Sequence number (Max 8 digits) Date, time (yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss)
The number of printable Characters Alphabet, Numeric, Japanese (Kana)
Character size H:3mm W:4mm-6.4mm (H:0.1″ W:0.15″-0.25″)
Character gap 0.8mm-92mm (0.03″-3.62″)
Print Pixels H: 12 pixels W: 9 pixels
Print position On top
Main scan direction: Adjust head position by manually
Sub scan direction: Set start position by program
Ink Cartrige (*3) Expire: 6 months after open the package or print 1,000,000 characters
Exit Tray Tray capacity main: 500 sheets Select (reject) 150 sheets (*1)
Conditions Temperature 5-35 °C (41-95°F)
Humidity 30-80%
W x H x D Inch 31.5″ x 19.3″ x 14.3″
Weight 37 kgs (81.5 Lbs)
Accessories User Manual, A4 Check sheets, A4 mark entry sheets, USB cable, Ink Cartridge, Exit Trays
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*1: Measured by 90 kg form (0.13mm)
*2: Use Markview Software
*3: The expire of Ink cartridge may very depending on user condition

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