Canon L24ei Scanner

Model: L24ei
Optical Resolution: 600 dpi
Document Thickness: 0.07 mm (min.)/ 0.5 mm (max.)

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Product Description

L24ei Scanner
Scan Technology SingleSensor with multiple LED illumination
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Scan Width 24″ / 609.6 mm
Minimum Scan Width 6.2″ / 160 mm
Maximum Scan Length 109″ / 2768 mm
Document Thickness Min. 0.07 mm
Max. 0.5 mm
Max Scan Speed (inch/sec) [COPY]
Draft (300/300 dpi): 1 ips (col), 3 ips (mono)
Standard (300/600 dpi): 1 ips (col), 3 ips (mono)
Best (600/600 dpi): 0.5 ips (col), 1.5 ips (mono)
Draft (200 dpi): 1 ips (col), 3ips (mono)
Standard (300 dpi): 0.5 ips (col), 1.5 ips (mono)
Best (600 dpi) : 0.33 ips (col), 1 ips (mono)
Software Included ScanApp Lei Software
Functions Scan to USB: RGB/Greyscale/BW, TIFF
(No ScanApp Lei)
Scan to USB: RGB/Greyscale/BW, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, M-PDF (ScanApp Lei available)
Scan to PC: RGB/Greyscale/BW, Tiff, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A, TiffG4, M-PDF
Copy – RGB/Greyscale/BW
Copy & Save: Copy and scan to PC concurrently



Name: Sharmin Akter
Phone Number: +88 01730317767
Email: sharmin.akter@localhost

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