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  Free email services are vulnerable to security breaches due to weaker security protocols compared to paid services, which can result in email accounts being hacked and data breaches. Additionally, users of free email services are at higher risk of receiving spam and phishing attacks, which can lead to unsolicited emails and fraudulent messages.

  Zoho Mail offers several security features to protect user accounts and data. TLS encryption is used to encrypt data in transit between the mail server and client, which helps prevent eavesdropping and tampering. Additionally, S/MIME encryption can be used to encrypt email messages and attachments, adding an extra layer of security to sensitive communications.

Zoho Workplace -A solution that eases your office Collaboration

  Zoho Workplace offers a range of tools to help with document creation, management, and collaboration. Workdrive allows for efficient document creation, storage, and management on the cloud. Show is a user-friendly presentation creation and sharing tool. Sheet allows for the creation of complex spreadsheets and data organization online. Writer is a powerful online word processing tool that enables multiple people to work on the same document simultaneously.

Get Virtually Connected

Zoho Workplace offers several collaboration tools, such as Cliq, Connect, and Meeting. With Cliq, users can send private and group messages to colleagues from any device. Connect is a platform for teams to discuss topics, conduct brainstorming sessions, and manage resources. Meeting provides everything necessary for hosting online meetings and webinars, including Q&A sessions, screen sharing, and presentation tools. These features allow for seamless communication and collaboration within teams.

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