Paging Desks DARS8

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Name: Muhammad Harun-Ur-Rashid

Phone Number : +8801730354815


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Product Description

Paging desk with built-in preamplifier, digital chime and zone selectors.
Electret unidirectional microphone with gooseneck type ADU600
Black painted metal sheet base with white painted metal sheet cover
0dB balanced output through transformer
Two colours signalling LED: Red for chime operation and green for ready to talk.
Led type Vu-meter
Digital chime with CD quality (48kHz).
Illuminated push buttons : 8 for zone selection (7 + All call) + Cancel (compatible with IRS8 or ERS8 relay unit or MXIO)
Remote control using a serila link : RS485 2wires
Mic and chime separate volume controls
24V-150mA DC supply (not included).
Wiring through a 2m cable

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