TE-HED15 Handheld Explosives Trace Detector

Handheld Explosives Trace Detector


Model: TE-HED15


Brand: Techik

৳ 2,800,000.00

Product Description

TE-HED15, an accurate handheld explosives trace detector based on IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) Technology, is designed and produced by Techik, the professional manufacturer of advanced security products. TE-HED15 has played an important part in preventing the bomb attack in the various sites , including airport, police, fire station, large-scale activity, post office, court, railway station, subway, custom and underground garage.

High Sensitivity
Fast Analysis
Efficient Non-contact Vapor Collection
Small Size, Portable
Easy Operation
High Environment Adaptability
Open Database

Technical Parameters:
Technology Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Explosives Detected Most commercially available and military explosives such as TNT、DNT、RDX、PETN、NG、BP、Tetryl、HMX、Semtex、C4、 AN, etc.
Sensitivity Ng to pg level
Analysis Time
2 to 10 seconds
Preheat Time 20 minutes (warm boot 5 minutes)
Sample Collection Particulate collection via wiping, non-contact vapor collection
Sample Acquisition distance Less than 20cm for non-contact vapor collection
Power 110/220VAC, 50/60HZ
Battery 22.2VDC, lithium ion battery, work more than 4h, stand-by time:≥8h
Alarm Audio and visual, with substance identification and display on LCD screen
Data Display 3.5″ color TFT display
Calibration Internal automatic calibration
Dimensions(L×W ×H) 410×140×140 mm (16.2″×5.2″×5.2 “)
Weight Less than 3.5kg (with battery)
Working Temperature -10℃ to 60℃
Relative Humidity ≤95%
Interface USB, RS232
Data Memory 120000 records (2G SD card)

More Information:

Name: Sheikh Alamgir

Phone number: +8801777734190

Email: sheikh.alamgir@smart-bd.com

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