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Samiel Alim Diganta

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Product Description

The XIS-7858™ is a robust and reliable X-Ray Inspection System (XIS), designed with both a narrow frame and large tunnel enabling it to screen a wide range of bags and parcels. Equipped with a full range of Astrophysics’ industry-leading imaging tools, the system enables operators to manipulate scans in real-time and perform rapid, in-depth inspections of complex baggage.
The XIS-7858™’s powerful systems help operators quickly distinguish between threatening and non-threatening objects, making this system ideal for a variety of security missions.

General Specifications

Generator: 180kV, Operating at 165kV  Tunnel Size:  77.8 cm x 58.0 cm (30.6” x 22.8”)

Length:  229.3 cm (90.3″)    Width: 100.6 cm (39.6″)    Height: 140.0 cm (55.1″)

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