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Product Description

With its ideal design, the 7858VI maximizes baggage and small parcel screening with a minimized system profile. Matched with VI Series technology and a standard 180 kV generator, the 7858VI boasts heightened material identification and increased throughput. The 7858VI is your solution to sleek screening of larger objects with fast and accurate threat detection.

X-Ray Generator
• Voltage: 180kV, Operating at 165kV


• Processor: Intel® Core i7 2.93 GHz 8MB cache
• Memory: 4 GB RAM at 1333 MHz
• Platform: Windows® 7
• Backup: Uninterrupted Power Supply (Full System Operation- 3 min)


• Display Type: Dual 22” LCD Color Monitors (Jitter Free)


General Specifications

Tunnel Size (W x H):
77.5 cm x 58.3 cm cm/ 30.5” x 23”

Dimensions (L x W x H):
188 cm x 103 cm x 139.4 cm/ 74” x 40.5” x 54.9”

X-ray Generator:
180kV, Operating at 165kV

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