Yeastar SOHO MyPBX VoIP Phone And Device

Handles up to 15 Concurrent Calls and 32 Users


Up to 4 Analog Ports (FXO/FXS)


Attend Transfer (Call Park/Call Pick up/Call Transfer/Call Forward)


Caller ID


Distinctive Ringtone

৳ 23,500.00

Product Description

MyPBX SOHO is a standalone embedded hybrid PBX specially designed for small businesses
and offices up to 32 users which offers the flexibility of integration of ISDN, PSTN lines, and
VoIP trunks. In this way, the company’s communication costs would be greatly reduced by
taking advantage of the latest VoIP technology while the traditional reliability is guaranteed.

Easy to use
Easy to deploy and manage via web-based
configuration interface
? Robust all-in-one features
Deliver enterprise-class communication
features and functionality to SMBs
? Modular Technology
Customizable combination of FXO, FXS, BRI,
? Match your IP phone
Perfect interoperability with a wide range IP

Speak your language
Multi-language Web interface and voice
? No future licensing fees
Scalable with plug-and-play ease without
? Enhanced security
Secure your communication from attack and
abuse with firewall
? Energy Saving
Embedded system with low power
consumption for your green office

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More Information:

Name: Rony Saha

Phone Number: +880-1799986890; +880-1710 449088

Email: rony.saha@localhost

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