In areas where high mechanical load is required
Suitable in area of rodent menace
Direct burial & Inside duct – PE Outer Sheath
Inside duct – FR PVC / HFFR / LSZH Outer Sheath

৳ 45.00

Product Description

-Up to 144 enhance low water peak single mode fibres in full compliance with ITU-T-G.652.D (also available with G655 / G656 / G657 SM Fibre and OM1 / OM2 / OM3 & OM4 MM Fibre)

-2/4/6/8/12 fibre per tube combinations are available in 6/8/12 element construction

  • -Non metallic anti-buckling FRP rod as Central Strength Member (also available with metallic strength member)
  • Loose buffer tubes fully filled , S-Z Stranded
  • Cable core fully filled with jelly (also available in dry core design)
  • Glass yarn can be used as peripheral strength member
  • S-Z core wrapped with polyester tape /water swellable tape
  • Electrolytic chrome plated & Corrugated steel tape armouring
  • UV Stablized HDPE outer sheath, black (also available with FR PVC & HFFR)


More Information:

Name: Md. Mahamudul Hasan

Phone Number: 01799986883

Email: mmahamudul.hasan@localhost

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