AutoCAD: 2D And 3D CAD Software With Design Automation

Powerful 2D and 3D CAD software trusted by millions to draft, engineer, and automate designs anywhere, anytime.

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Product Description

What is AutoCAD?

Power your teams’ creativity with automation, collaboration, and machine-learning features of AutoCAD® software. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals use AutoCAD to:

* Design and annotate 2D geometry and 3D models with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects
* Automate tasks such as comparing drawings, counting objects, adding blocks, creating schedules, and
* Create a customized workspace to maximize productivity with add-on apps and APIs

Why use AutoCAD?

* Accelerate your designs in 2D or 3D:
Complete your projects faster with AutoCAD’s automations and customizations.

* Collaborate across teams and devices:
Share and annotate drawings safely and securely across desktop, web, or mobile devices.

* Ensure fidelity and compatibility:
Only Autodesk has TrustedDWG® technology to ensure fidelity and compatibility for your DWGs.

Power Your Productivity with Seven Included Toolsets:

Across seven studies, customers increased productivity by 63% on average for tasks completed using a specialized toolset in AutoCAD.

* Architecture Toolset
* Mechanical Toolset
* Map 3D Toolset
* MEP Toolset
* Electrical Toolset
* Plant 3D Toolset
* Raser Design Toolset


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