For Teams (Corporate License)

Multiple seats, 3 sessions (Allows multiple licensed users to access up to three concurrent session simultaneously.)

৳ 235,000.00

Product Description

For Teams
Multiple seats, 3 sessions (Allows multiple licensed users to access up to three concurrent session simultaneously.)
Corporate License
Multiple licensed users can initiate device connections, with up to 3 sessions open at the same time
Features Offered Access & Control Computers Remotely
Custom Branding
Secure Unattended Access
Remote printing for Mac & Windows on any printer
File Sharing
Managed Devices (Assign and manage up to 500 devices; use centralized setting policies; design presentting for unattended access; use Wake-On-LAN.)
Cross-Device Access to Desktops (Access your Windows desktop from your Mac laptop or vice versa. You can also access your desktops from the TeamViewer mobile app.)
Device Management & App Customization (Manage connection settings for devices you regularly connect to, and use your own logo on client modules.)
Customized Device Information (Add custom information to your devices and group them according to the information relevant to you.)
User Access Reporting (Whether Windows, Mac or Linux, browser-based or from a smartphone, all connections made by your support team are automatically logged.)
Multiple Concurrent Connections (3 concurrent sessions for large teams that need to simultaneously support more than one customer or employee.)
Mass Deployment (Allows you to deploy TeamViewer to thousands of devices, silently and instantly to allow easy support and compliance.)
Device Access Reporting (The ability to report on incoming connections to specific devices for your security and auditing needs.)
Pre-Built Software Integrations (Easy out-of-the-box intigration with the industry’s top customer support, CRM and help desk systems.)
Available AdOns TeamViewer Remote Management (TeamViewer Remote Management enables you to remotely monitor and manage IT infrastructure. Monitor, protect, backup and gather valuable information about your devices to increase productivity and increase uptime.)
Support for Mobile Devices
TeamViewer Pilot
Extra Concurrent Users


For More Information:

Name: MD. Mohaimenul Islam (Jewel)

Phone Number: 01777734164


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