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Samiel Alim Diganta

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The HXM-PortScan™ is a mobile cargo scanner designed for screening fully loaded trucks, shipping containers, and delivery vehicles. Its high-powered generator provides 320 mm of steel penetration and allows operators to quickly check and verify shipping manifests. Wireless integrated networking capabilities enable it to share and transmit images, and its automated deployment system is simple to operate.

Designed around a rugged trucking platform, HXM-PortScan is a flexible security solution for ports and border crossings. Moving quickly between stationary vehicles, it can process up to 25 cargo containers every hour, making it the perfect choice for rapid and effective cargo inspections.

Energy:  7.5 MeV Dual Energy Tunnel Size:   3.6 m x 4.8 m (141.7” x 188.9”)

Length:   12 m (472.4″)    Width: 2.5 m (98.4″)    Height:  4 m (157.4″)

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