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Samiel Alim Diganta

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Product Description

HXP-TotalScan™ is a high-energy portal for screening trucks and shipping containers. The fully automated system can process hundreds of trucks per hour, and with a tunnel height of almost five meters (16.4 ft.) it can also screen oversized cargo.

HXP-TotalScan™ can penetrate thick steel and delivers high-resolution images that make it easy for operators to identify threats and verify manifests. The system gives operators a clear view of trucks and their cargo, and its precision software automatically adjusts power levels to allow for safe screening of both the driver’s cabin and the freight container. Its low power requirements and lack of moving parts provides enhanced reliability and ensures cost-effective operation.

Energy: 2 MeV / 4 MeV / 7.5 MeV   Tunnel Size:  3.75 m x 5 m (147.6″ x 196.8″)
Length:  17 m (669.3″)  Width:  11.4 m (448.8″)  Height:   5.5 m (216.5″)

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