XIS-1517DV 320kV

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Samiel Alim Diganta

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Product Description

The XIS-1517DV 320kV has a low conveyor height of just 35.6 cm (14”) and can support 3000 kg (6614 lbs) of cargo without compromising throughput speed, adding to the efficiency and security of any facility or transport hub. The XIS-1517DV 320kV is a quality XIS unit that offers the most cutting edge technology in cargo security.

All Astrophysics X-ray Inspection Systems are equipped with Real-Time Diagnostics, a unique Astrophysics feature which allows users to monitor system health. This software was specifically engineered to save you valuable time and money. If requested, Astrophysics would also be able to connect to your system and troubleshoot any issues remotely.

An exclusive Astrophysics option is our 6 Color Imaging, which enables operators to view screened objects in 6 colors, each color correlating to a specific range of Atomic Z-Numbers. 6 Color Imaging enables operators to achieve optimal material identification which improves throughputs.


General Specifications

Tunnel Size (W x H):

152.4 cm x 170.2 cm/ 60.0” x 67.0”

Dimensions (L x W x H):

1116.4 cm x 281.3 cm x 304.8 cm/ 440.0” x 110.7” x 120.0”

X-ray Generator:

Dual 320kV Generators

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