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Product Description

The XIS-5878™ is a compact X-Ray Inspection System (XIS) designed to inspect cluttered bags and parcels. Its powerful generator delivers crisp, high-resolution images that make it easy for operators to perform inspections, and its low conveyor makes loading and unloading freight more convenient.
Equipped with Astrophysics’ comprehensive software tools, the XIS-5878™ increases accuracy, minimizes false alarms and boosts throughput at busy checkpoints, making it the ideal system for critical inspections in crowded environments.

General Specifications
Generator:  180kV  Tunnel Size:  180.7 cm x 180.4 cm (71.1″ x 71.0″)   Length:  853.1 cm (335.9″)
Width:   289.6 cm (114.0″)     Height:   316.8 cm (124.7″)

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