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Samiel Alim Diganta

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Product Description

The XIS-6545 x ray inspection system boasts a diverse application range from courthouses, prisons, hospitals, and airport checkpoints. With a standard 160kV generator, the XIS-6545 is also available for upgrade to a 180kV generator for enhanced penetration.

Among the most commonly sold XIS units, it is a quality checkpoint system featuring Astrophysics superior XIS software and maximized throughput.


General Specifications

Tunnel Size (W x H):

65.0 cm x 45.1 cm/ 25.6” x 17.8”

Dimensions (L x W x H):

153.4 cm x 88.8 cm x 130.5 cm/ 60.4” x 35.0” x 51.4”

X-ray Generator:

160kV, Operating at 150kV

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