Zhiyun Smooth-X2

Roll Mechanical Range :Standard: 268°,Pan Mechanical Range :Standard: 290°

৳ 11,899.00

Product Description

Full Specifications  

Battery Runtime
Operation Voltage
Max: 3.5h
Max: 4.2V Standard: 1.5h
Standard: 3.7V
Charging Time
Min: 3.4V Standard: 2h
Operation Current
Max: 5000mA
Roll Mechanical Range
Min: 240mA Standard: 268°
Operation Temperature
Pan Mechanical Range
Max: 45℃ Standard: 290°
Standard: 25℃
Product Size
Min: -10℃ 71*56*160mm (W*D*H)
Product Net Weight (Individual device)
300g (with battery)


More Information:

Name: Subin Chandra Dey

Contact No: 8801744551860

E-mail: subin.dey@localhost

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