Poly EagleEye IV USB Camera

Your meetings are too important for regular video conferencing. It’s time for premium HD video conferencing—with the EagleEye IV USB conference-room camera. It features a wide field of view, pan, and tilt. It captures incredible details and natural colors in high definition with convenient USB connectivity. And it handles medium to large meeting spaces with ease and finesse.

৳ 155,000.00

Product Description

Poly EagleEye IV USB Camera, 12x zoom with USB2.0 interface, 1 remote, 1 USB 2.0 5m cable, power supply & India power cord. Compatible with MSR Skype Room System and Trio 8800/8500 Collaboration Kit.
Used for Point-to-Point conversation or act as an endpoint in multipoint system.


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Name: Forhad Hasan

Phone Number: 01704117212

Email: forhad.hasan@localhost

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