Kaspersky Plus 3-User 1-Year 2023

Buy Kaspersky with confidence & get a complete security plans for you & your family. Keep your online activity safe and private across multiple devices – without compromising speed. Discover kaspersky’s new security plans today.

৳ 2,299.00

Product Description

Head Line ▶️ Buy Kaspersky with confidence & Get A Complete Security Plans For You & Your Family
▶️ Keep your online activity safe and private across multiple devices – without compromising speed. ▶️ ▶️ Discover Kaspersky’s new security plans today.
▶️ Security. Performance. Privacy.All in one easy-to-use app.
▶️ Kaspersky Plus offers next-generation cybersecurity to protect you against new viruses, ransomware, and malware – without slowing you down. Also includes payment protection, password manager, and unlimited VPN to keep your digital life private and safe.
▶️ Advanced security with anti-phishing and firewall included
▶️ Perfomance optimisation tools enhanced by HDD health monitoring
▶️ Privacy features including unlimited VPN and password manager
▶️ Compatible with:Windows®|macOS®|Android™|iOS®
Keys Descriptions
Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Ransomware Protection Prevents viruses, malware, Trojans, ransomware and other threats from harming your devices and data
Safe Web Browsing Protects against dangerous websites, downloads and extensions.
Existing Virus Removal Removes viruses and repairs your PC, even if it was infected before you installed our software.
Anti-Phishing Guards you from fake sites & emails created by cybercriminals to steal your identity & money.
Two-Way Firewall Shields you from hacker attacks against your PC by detecting both incoming and outgoing network requests and allowing you to block the suspicious ones.
Performance Optimisation Helps your PC start up fast & run smooth – exactly as it was designed to.
Device Space Cleanup Declutters your PC of duplicate and large files, as well as unused apps on your Android device.
App Management Helps stop apps that might freeze your PC, and reminds you to update apps so they stay fast and secure.
Do Not Disturb Mode Switches on & off automatically to ensure zero distractions and faster PC performance while you’re gaming, working or streaming movies.
Online Payment Protection Prevents your credit card details and financial data from being intercepted by hackers when you make an online transaction on your computer.
Stalkerware Detection Warns you about apps installed on your PC or Android devices that spy on you and track your activity.
Crypto Threat Protection Protects you from crypto scams and unauthorised use of your PC for cryptocurrency mining.
Hard Drive Health Monitor Monitors performance, condition and temperature of your internal and external hard drives. It notifies you instantly if problems are detected.
Data Leak Checker Warns you if data like your passwords and bank details are leaked on the net or dark web, and tells you how to prevent future leaks.
Unlimited & Fast VPN Prevents your data from being intercepted, allows you to surf the web anonymously and to enjoy global content.
Password Manager Securely stores and syncs your passwords, credit card details and important docs across your computers and mobile devices.
Password Safety Check Checks the safety status of your passwords and identifies any that have been compromised – or could be easy to crack.
Minimum System Requirements
Internet Connection
My Kaspersky account
Windows based : Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 SP1+
Mac : macOS-10.15 or higher
3.1GB free Space,1 GHz processor,2GB memeory

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